Time again for another blog post.  This trip was supposed to be a 10 week trip with 4 weeks in Bali followed by 2 weeks each in Bangkok, Phuket then back to Bali.  Unfortunately 2 weeks into the trip Covid19 forced us to come home early.  Consequently there isn’t a lot to show you in the gallery but nonetheless There is some interesting photos to see.

As usual I’ll tell the story in order of the photos in the gallery so you’ll know what each pic is showing.  I’ll start with our initial accommodation at Hotel Pendawa Gapura.  Hidden up a small lane the reception is on the lane.  Inside you instantly fall in love with the pool in the centre of a magnificent tropical Balinese garden.  Our room overlooked the pool and each morning we could sit on our balcony watching the ladies offering incense and food to their Hindu Shrine.  However while the pool and garden was magnificent the room left a bit to be desired.

Almost across the road lies the Lippomall.  This large (by Balinese standards) mall has a good selection of stores from cinemas, groceries, eateries, arcades and department stores.  Normally it is packed with people but the day before we left, as you can see, the tables and chairs were deserted.  Covid had driven most tourists out of Bali.  Meanwhile in the days before we left we had plenty of free entertainment at the forecourt (“The Avenue of the Stars”) from singers and bands to traditional Balinese fire dancers.  One morning while having breakfast a Russian family came for breakfast and the parents allowed me to take a photo of their 4 year old daughters incredible plaited hair.  The mall was also where we met local woman Citra who had the most incredible eyes we have ever seen.  Her pupils were star shaped rathe than round and the colours in her eyes were like a sparkling gemstone.  It was Citra who got us to our new accommodation after we left the Pendawa (more later on that).

After breakfast one day Shane and I went walking down to the beach, along the beachfront and back to the Pendawa.  As we came out onto the main road we found ourselves at a church like building which in fact was Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub.  This became a regular stop for us.  We even managed to get there on St Patrick’s Day for some raucous celebrations.  Check the size of Shane’s Pot pie!

I mentioned new accommodation.  Well through Citra we met a Kiwi chap (Finn).  We were telling him of our chaotic covid plans and how we’d lost hundreds of dollars in airfares and hotel costs due to cancellations.  Finn then organised for us to stay at a private villa for as long as we needed to.  He then had a car meet us at the Pendawa which took us out to one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in Bali.  How exclusive?  We looked it up on the net and these villas start at $1995 per NIGHT and we had 4 days there!

The resort is Karma Kandara on the southern most tip of Bali.  It is perched high on the cliff tops overlooking their own private beach and coral lagoon.  To get to the beach you hop into a tiny funicular cable car and are conveyed 400 feet to the beach.  Once at the beach you can sit in the ‘clubhouse’ or if you prefer you are escorted to a beach lounge where waiters serve you drinks and nibbles.

After a swim we requested a buggy (no one walks here) to take us to our villa which was fantastic.  I thought Shane took more pics of the villa and she thought I had so we don’t have too many to show you but you can see our private pool just outside of the dining room.  You can eat at one of the resort restaurants or have it delivered to your door (which we did) or you could grab groceries at the markets in town and cook for yourself in your kitchen.  The whole villa interior was about 7 metres by 18 metres and consisted of a lounge/kitchen dining room, a bedroom and a marble bathroom big enough to hold a country ball.  Around sunset the ‘locals’ (long tailed Macaques) come out so you don’t leave anything out by the pool or they’ll steal it.

When we wanted to venture out it was just a matter of calling reception who organised a buggy for internal travel (the resort is huge and hilly) and taxis for external wheels.  We ventured to the infinity pool where the overflow tumbled down a waterfall to a second pool below.  One level above the pool is an exclusive restaurant and across the ravine by pathway and over a bridge is the gym and spa.

At the village outside KK we visited the markets and had a local meal for lunch before coming back and going down to the beach again.  It was low tide and you can walk around the coral outcrops in the lagoon in water that is barely 1.6 metres deep  After our look at the corals we went back up the funicular to the pool below the infinity pool for a last dip.  You can see a map of the resort in the last photo and you will see a red arrow (on right) showing our villa (#57).  What a stay this turned out to be.

That was it for this trip.  That bloody Corona Virus pandemic forced us to grab an early flight back to Australia.  With limited flights available we chose a flight to Melbourne where Karen met us with her car which we drove back to her place at Wodonga.  We chose this option as we knew that we had two very huggable, lovable grandchildren in Townsville who we wouldn’t be able to keep off us and we didn’t want to risk any infection to them should we unwittingly be carrying the covid19 germ.

There’s no more news from us for now.  At the end of April we hope to drive home to Townsville to wait out this horrid virus before we continue our journeys.

Keep an eye open for more posts

Cheers for now

Garry & Shane

7 thought on “Booted out of Bali”
  1. Well enjoy your stay in the cold could be awhile before Anna lets anyone drive back into QLD so Xmas might be the go……………. Ian

  2. I’ve played catch up…………………very cool pics and you are an RC bugga for sure…………..lucky neither of us were over in the states as its certainly turned to s##t………….. take crae folks.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Without these I cannot improve the site.
      Ian,I’m interested in your opinion of the new format of the site. I am worried it may seem “too busy” but I also want to offer as many article options as possible.
      I’m continually learning and I have recently found a new font plug-in so I can alter the typeface and have a few more cosmetic possibilities up my sleeve as well.
      I was also toying with the idea of posting an article on the how/where/whyfores of how we find some of our bargains to help others. What do you think?

      1. I haven’t forgotten you, just sort of been busy and stuff as retirees do…. The site as it is isn’t too bad, easier to read and I suppose it does seem busy but I’ve found my way around easy enough, the pics load better………..Weve been out in SW QLD the last month wandering around and will head back out again once the stupid Doctor does some more poking and prodding, if you don’t take or need any medications they seem to want to find out why and seem to think you must have something wrong hidden away…Gold Card doesn’t help either….
        Stay safe fella.

        1. Cheers Ian. We’re in Lightning Ridge tonight on our way to germ soaked, virus ridden Wodonga where our daughter has just delivered her first baby. That’s our 3rd grandchild. Don’t know if we’ll get out alive but fingers crossed we can get back to the ‘Ville by Xmas.
          Thanks for the input about the site. I Appreciate the critique.

          1. We might have crossed paths along the road as we only got back from ut back of Cunnamulla a couple of days ago, Alf only left The Ridge last week actually, we were going to meet up at Bourke but I knew something was coming so didn’t head south, missing sons wedding in Canberra next week, so not that pleased. Will you be able to get over to Wodonga at all and not get stuck there ??? You have no hope of getting back up here, I know that much……..
            Take care folks………..Ian

          2. Possibly passed like ships in the night. We’ll have no trouble getting into Vic, just coming home. We have no rush and don’t expect to get home much before Xmas. Possibly have 2 wks quarantine in NSW then another 2 wks in QLD but bloody rules change almost daily so who knows. Wouldn’t mind the $2700 for quarantine but it seems a bit rude that people who enter Qld on Goldie get into 4 star hotels for their cash but if we were to cross at say Hebel or Mungindi we pay the same for some old outback hotel.

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